Together Time: Building heathy relationships through everyday activities


The Together Time program focuses on teaching parenting skills and play activities to be used in everyday routines as a way of increasing caregiver-child attachment.  The program is structured around five daily activity themes over 10 sessions, led by a licensed occupational therapist, and is strongly rooted in occupational therapy, emphasizing the “work” of daily living.  The program design meets the needs of the mothers, fathers and caregivers by creating groups of peers to address isolation and empower members; using everyday activities to target specific knowledge and skill gaps; emphasizing the power of positive parent-child interactions; teaching and learning in the natural home environment with immediate feedback; and teaching tasks in small, manageable parts.

 Five Group topics are used to introduce relationship building activities to incorporate into daily routines

     Week 1&2  Dressing

    Week 3&4  Grooming

    Week 5&6  Bedtime

    Week 7&8  Play 

    Week 9&10   Meal Time

Key Together Time Components for continuity across group and home sessions:

  • Daily Routine Session Theme
  • Bags and blankets for guided play with novel materails
  • Parenting Strategies: PLAY


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