IMG_8813 IMG_8993 IMG_8996Grooming activities such as bathing, hand washing and tooth brushing are an excellent time for mothers and their children to play together and enjoy each other. This activity naturally provides the opportunity for affectionate touch that is purposeful and enjoyable for mother and child. It is also a time that is easily structured for one to one interaction with little to no interruptions. Grooming activities can be a fun time to experience a child’s creativity while engaging in imaginary play as well as a relaxing time.  It can be part of a getting ready for bedtime routine. While grooming activities can be an enjoyable time to bond between mother and child, it can also be very dangerous if certain precautions are not taken. Children must never be left alone in or near water (even just a small amount of water). This means children should not be left alone in the bathroom while the bath tub is filling/ emptying or left alone in the bath – not even to quickly grab a towel, answer the phone, check-in on another child. Teaching children to wash their hands, brush their teeth and bathe themselves are important life skills that should be stated early to promote good habits. Hand washing, tooth brushing and bath time are ideal times to teach children about their bodies and hygiene while using games, songs and positive reinforcement.

 Facilitators Guide– Group Session

Facilitators Guide Grooming– Individual Session

Bath time Activities to try at home– Parent Handouts by Age/ Developmental Level

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