Meal Time

TogetherTime10.16.13 068 TogetherTime10.16.13 074 TogetherTime10.16.13 077IMG_8767 IMG_8792 IMG_8797Sharing meals together is an excellent way for families to spend time together. Food makes people feel good, sharing a meal as a family can make you feel doubly good! With infants, meal time is important because you are providing them with the food and nutrition they need to grow stronger as well as with the physical contact that makes them feel safe and secure. Meal time with older children provides an opportunity to encourage your children to share with you their likes and dislikes and allows you to encourage them to be open minded and try new things. Meal time is an excellent opportunity for you as a mother to model social skills such as table manners and conversation skills.

Facilitators Guide– Group Session

Facilitators Guide Mealtime– Individual Session

Meal Time Activities to try at home– Parent Handouts by Age/ Developmental Level

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